GizmoSphere sponsert großzügig Maker Austria

by MakerAdmin


GizmoSpere sponsert Maker Austria sehr großzügig mit drei kompletten Gizmo Explorer Kits. Die Gizmo Boards sind super leistungsstarke, kompakte x86-Entwicklungsboards mit denen das Arbeiten wirklich sehr viel Spaß macht.

Wir möchten uns bei GizmoSphere recht herzlich für das großzügige Sponsoring, die unkomplizierte Abwicklung und gute Zusammenarbeit bedanken. Wir freuen uns schon auf das Eintreffen der Entwickler Kits um endlich die ersten Tests damit machen zu können.

DANKE GizmoSphere!!!!

Nachfolgend ein Photo vom GizmoSphere Explorer Kit und eines vom GizmoSphere Board:

gizmosphere_explorer_kitsgizmoEine kurze Beschreibung was das GizmoSphere Kit enthlält:

The Gizmo Board: A compact (4″x4″) development board for embedded innovators and hobbyists. Powered by the AMD Embedded G-Series APU. Two custom card edge connectors (one high speed, one low speed) provide ready access to special features including SATA, USB, Display Port, PCIe, SPI, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC Input, DAC Output, Reset, and Counter. The board also includes JTAG header, VGA video output, Audio input/output, Ethernet, and USB ports.
The Explorer Board: A companion board for Gizmo, the Explorer expansion I/O board allows for even greater experimentation and exploration opportunities. This two-layer board connects to Gizmo via the low-speed connector and provides an alpha-numeric keypad, a micro-display, and a sea of holes for prototyping and customization.
Sage SmartProbe® JTAG Development Tool: An automated, configurable plugin development tool for embedded designs, the SmartProbe® enables full development and debug capabilities including access to all registers and memory, USB and Ethernet support, remote access, virtual port, reset vector control, field updatable firmware, and more. The kit includes the SmartProbe® hardware and 20 hours of limited time use.
Sage EDK Graphical Interface: A 30-day trial license for the Sage EDK, an intuitive graphical interface that streamlines development and debug. With the Sage EDK integrated development environment (IDE) you’ll be able to efficiently build, inspect and debug the software under development. Features include smart editor, cross-compile toolchain integration, automated image transfer, symbolic software debug, processor debug support, and more.
Pre-installed SageBIOS™ on Gizmo: The Gizmo board comes pre-installed with SageBIOS™, a distribution of open source coreboot®. Select from several boot options, including a PC behavior option and an Explorer board option, among others.
Flash Thumbdrive: Ready to boot with the SLAX Linux distribution. Also contains instructions for installing the Sage EDK and documentation such as the Gizmo Explorer Kit user guide.
Quick Start Guide: A to-the-point guide to get you up and running quickly.
Power Supply: A compact power supply for the Gizmo board compatible with US power outlets.
Ethernet & USB Cables: One of each, for use with the Sage SmartProbe®. The USB cable lets you connect the SmartProbe® to your PC. The Ethernet cable enables you to develop a system remotely from anywhere in the world.



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